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LATEST LINKS: Interesting vehicle-related reading and video

Speaking at a recent conference, David Strickland of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said his agency will decide next year whether to mandate vehicle-to-vehicle communication technologies in new cars to improve crash avoidance. “We have been working on this… Read More

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Vehicle-owners like follow-up

Chip Lackey of J.D. Power and Associates says too few consumers are receiving some sort of follow-up after their insurance claim and vehicle repair. Based on J.D. Power’s 2011 survey of nearly 12,000 Americans who had placed an auto insurance… Read More

TRAINING: I-CAR training builds efficiency, not just technical competency

I-CAR CEO John Van Alstyne said that for more than three decades, I-CAR’s focus has been on ensuring that the industry has the training needed to do complete and safe repairs. That mission remains, he said, but he also sees… Read More

PARS PDR TechConnect: A roaring success

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PARS PDR TechConnect 2012 took place February 12-13th in Arlington, TX, and was a roaring success. Technicians had the rare opportunity to come together, network, and learn in an open and friendly environment. PDR TechConnect demonstrated the relationship PARS has… Read More

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BROADER TRENDS: Rebound in leased vehicles is good news

Because leased vehicles tend to be insured and repaired, a continued uptick in vehicle leasing is good news for collision repairers. Only about 13 percent of new vehicle transactions in 2009 were leased; that rebounded to 19 percent in 2010,… Read More

MANAGEMENT: Avoiding credit card fraud

Jackie Hart, a risk manager with Total System Services, Inc. (TSYS), a large credit card processing company, offers these tips to businesses to avoid being a victim of credit card fraud: Be wary of cards that are not signed or… Read More

CUSTOMER SERVICE: 12 principles for solving customer complaints

Apologize. Let them know that you’re sorry they’re unhappy. Remain positive. Don’t argue with them or sound defensive. Empathize with them. Let them know you understand how they feel. Listen. Don’t interrupt. Give them a chance to tell you everything.… Read More


I think customers are demanding more from that (insurance claim) transaction, and I think we’re going to be charged with finding ways to provide that. If you look at the insurance (process), typically you get an appraisal inspection, someone hands… Read More

CUSTOMER SERVICE: More customer updating, follow-up needed

Chip Lackey, a senior director within J.D. Power and Associates’ insurance practice, says too few consumers are getting proactive updates while their vehicles are being repaired, or follow-up after the claim. Based on J.D. Powers 2011 survey of nearly 12,000… Read More

GOVERNMENT: Bill would boost crash parts competition

Proposed federal legislation (HR 3889) introduced in early February would significantly reduce the time automakers can use design patents to prevent other companies from producing replacement crash parts; current patent laws give automakers a 14-year exclusivity on parts design, but… Read More