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STAYING HEALTHY: Living better when away from home

You can burn a few calories and more importantly reduce stiffness in your joints when on the road with a few isometric exercises while you’re in your vehicle. That basically means activating various muscles, holding the contraction for a few… Read More

BROADER TRENDS: Drivers keeping their cars

The average length of ownership of new vehicles has risen to a record 71.4 months or nearly six years, according to market research firm Polk. The average length of ownership for used vehicles is 49.9 months. Combined, new and used… Read More

MANAGEMENT: Using differences as a strength

Whether you’re managing other workers or just communicating with customers, one key is recognizing and accepting that people view and respond to the same situation, the same challenges, very differently. Over time, you can start to gauge which category of… Read More

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Customers seemingly unfazed by slightly longer repairs

J.D. Power and Associates found that customers satisfaction with insurers following a claim remained fairly steady in 2011, despite an uptick late in the year in the length of time those repairs took. J.D. Power said customer satisfaction with auto… Read More


“We need to make sure we get this right, it’s important to recognize that overly restrictive limits on in-vehicle devices could result in greater distraction as drivers substitute hand-held devices for those functions integrated into the vehicle, diminishing the effectiveness… Read More

LATEST LINKS: Interesting reading, video, and apps

Motor Information Systems has released a revised edition of its Guide to Estimating, its explanation of what is and is not included in its estimating labor times (the system used by CCC Information Services). Revisions made in the February 2012… Read More

TRENDS: Labor hours per claim continues to fall

Data from CCC Information Services for the first nine months of the year from 2008 through 2011 so that last year’s claims averaged 1.1 fewer labor hours than those in the same period in 2008. Metal labor saw the biggest… Read More

GOVERNMENT: Proposed state legislation would make it tougher for unisured drivers

Penalties for driving without insurance would increase under proposed legislation (H 4446) in South Carolina. A vehicle owner would pay a $350 fine and police would be required to tow and impound the vehicle. This would be in addition to… Read More