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CUSTOMER SERVICE: Claims satisfaction levels dip – and so does insurance shopping

Customer satisfaction with the auto insurance claims experience has fallen 13 points to 842 (on a 1,000-point scale), its lowest level in nine months, according to J.D. Power and Associates. The finding is based on interviews in January and February… Read More

LATEST LINKS: Interesting reading, video and apps

The Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA) has issued a guide to frequently asked questions about the organization’s certification program for non-OEM parts; it explains such things as the crash-testing CAPA requires on non-OEM bumper parts.   Allstate subsidiary Sterling Autobody… Read More

GOVERNMENT: Change in crash parts patent protections being sought

Eileen Sottile, executive director of the Quality Parts Coalition (QPC), urged attendees at the Auto Body Parts Association (ABPA) conference in late April to contact Congress to support the coalition’s legislation (HR 3889) that would reduce the time automakers can… Read More


“I think the promise of vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity has tremendous promise. Our research has shown that V2V technologies can address up to 80 percent of crash scenarios involving non-impaired drivers.” – National Highway Traffic Safety Administrator David Strickland, In a keynote… Read More

TRENDS: Parts usage trends over the past five years

CCC Information Services has seen a decline in the last four years in the cost of parts as a percentage of total repair costs. In 2007, parts accounted for 39.1 percent of repair costs. It hovered just above 38 percent… Read More

STAYING HEALTHY: Living better when away from home

A lack of sleep is the quickest way to end up feeling run-down when away from home. Here are some quick tips for sleeping better when on the road. Mimic how you sleep at home. Consider traveling with your own… Read More

ROAD FOOD: Eating better when away from home

Instant oatmeal doesn’t have all the health benefits of home-cooked oats, but it’s still a whole grain and has the same nutrients – and it’s often a far more healthy choice than the sweet rolls and bacon on the hotel… Read More

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Steps for effectively resolving customer complaints

It’s a fact of business: No matter how well you do your job, now and again a customer is going to be unhappy. Here are some tips for effective complaint resolution: Skip the excuses. It’s easy to fall into a… Read More

LATEST LINKS: Interesting reading, video, and apps

Think a “flying car” is still a long way from reality. Think again. Terrafugia Flying Car It’s maybe more of a plane that can also be driven, but in any case, here’s a video of the first flight of… Read More