2016 Automotive Hail Damage Repair

2016 is going to be a very busy year for hail repair companies with many severe hail storms predicted. Make sure that you are not caught without a plan.

Body Shop and Collision Centers should make sure that all of their insurance companies are aware ahead of time that they will be providing paintless dent removal and have the capacity to handle all of their claims.

Dealerships should make sure they are carrying the proper coverage and take a closer look at their comprehensive deductible.

Fleet and Rental Car companies also need to be aware and have a plan for handling the claim process as well as the repair process in the event of a major hail storm.

Like any industry, the best repair companies are grabbed up first and you want to make sure that you are not stuck relying on some out of town company which doesn’t handle appraisals or repairs correctly. Or worse yet, a company that does not cary the proper insurance coverage on their crew or your vehicles.

Please take a few minutes now to prepare for the worst so that a hail storm will be a blessing and not a disaster.

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