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STAYING HEALTHY: Living better when away from home

A lack of sleep is the quickest way to end up feeling run-down when away from home. Here are some quick tips for sleeping better when on the road. Mimic how you sleep at home. Consider traveling with your own… Read More

ROAD FOOD: Eating better when away from home

Instant oatmeal doesn’t have all the health benefits of home-cooked oats, but it’s still a whole grain and has the same nutrients – and it’s often a far more healthy choice than the sweet rolls and bacon on the hotel… Read More

MANAGEMENT: Building a better balance of work and “life”

Tired of being tired? If the pace of your daily life has you feeling exhausted a lot of the time, you’re not alone. One survey asked Americans what they would do if they had one more hour in the day.… Read More

STAYING HEALTHY: Living better when away from home

You can burn a few calories and more importantly reduce stiffness in your joints when on the road with a few isometric exercises while you’re in your vehicle. That basically means activating various muscles, holding the contraction for a few… Read More