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MANAGEMENT: How to avoid a ‘bad attitude’ from spreading

Someone who is disgruntled or angry – whether a customer, an employee, a co-worker or a supplier – can easily inflict others with their attitude. Rosabeth Moss Kanter of the Harvard Business School offers these tips to help prevent that… Read More

MANAGEMENT: Building a better balance of work and “life”

Tired of being tired? If the pace of your daily life has you feeling exhausted a lot of the time, you’re not alone. One survey asked Americans what they would do if they had one more hour in the day.… Read More

LATEST LINKS: Interesting reading, video, and apps

Let your smart phone track your business mileage for you. The “BizXpenseTracker” app, available for $5.99 for the iPhone and iPad, logs the starting and stopping points for your trip using the device’s GPS, and calculates the mileage. For each… Read More

MANAGEMENT: Using differences as a strength

Whether you’re managing other workers or just communicating with customers, one key is recognizing and accepting that people view and respond to the same situation, the same challenges, very differently. Over time, you can start to gauge which category of… Read More