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Colorado Automobile Hail Damage Industry News

2018 started off as a slow hail year with many traveling technicians, known as storm chasers or hail chasers, worrying about their income. With very few catastrophic hail storms in the United States hitting populated areas, 2018 looked like a… Read More

BROADER TRENDS: Texas storm follows banner year for hail claims

As insurers in Texas were dealing with hail claims expected to surpass $900 million following a June 13 storm in Plano and east Dallas, officials also announced that last year’s hail damage was the highest in years. The storm in… Read More

GOVERNMENT: Change in crash parts patent protections being sought

Eileen Sottile, executive director of the Quality Parts Coalition (QPC), urged attendees at the Auto Body Parts Association (ABPA) conference in late April to contact Congress to support the coalition’s legislation (HR 3889) that would reduce the time automakers can… Read More


“I think the promise of vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity has tremendous promise. Our research has shown that V2V technologies can address up to 80 percent of crash scenarios involving non-impaired drivers.” – National Highway Traffic Safety Administrator David Strickland, In a keynote… Read More

LATEST LINKS: Interesting reading, video, and apps

Think a “flying car” is still a long way from reality. Think again. Terrafugia Flying Car It’s maybe more of a plane that can also be driven, but in any case, here’s a video of the first flight of… Read More

RESEARCH: Deloitte recommends insurers target younger drivers

Younger drivers tend to be less satisfied with their insurer than those in other age groups, and thus more likely to be receptive to opportunities to shop for better or cheaper coverage, according to new study by consulting firm Deloitte.… Read More

REPAIR INDUSTRY STATS: Severity rises modestly in 2011

The average total cost of vehicle repairs was just shy of $2,500 in 2011, according to CCC Information Services, up about 2.5 percent from 2010, and about 2.1 percent higher than the previous peak in 2008. Audatex stats show a… Read More

TRENDS: Parts vendors indemnifying shops

The aftermarket parts industry is adopting programs to indemnify collision shops using the parts in an effort to overcome liability concerns over use of the parts. LKQ Corporation in April said that in addition to a lifetime warranty on its… Read More

LATEST LINKS: Interesting reading, video, and apps

Let your smart phone track your business mileage for you. The “BizXpenseTracker” app, available for $5.99 for the iPhone and iPad, logs the starting and stopping points for your trip using the device’s GPS, and calculates the mileage. For each… Read More

BROADER TRENDS: Drivers keeping their cars

The average length of ownership of new vehicles has risen to a record 71.4 months or nearly six years, according to market research firm Polk. The average length of ownership for used vehicles is 49.9 months. Combined, new and used… Read More