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RESEARCH: Retention rates dropped last year

J.D. Power and Associates reports that 87 percent of consumers stuck with their auto insurer in 2008, but that climbed to 90 percent in 2009 and 2010. In 2011, it dipped back down to 87 percent, according to the research… Read More

GOVERNMENT: Wrap-up of state legislative and regulatory news

A Virginia state legislator whose vehicle was totaled after the sunroof of his vehicle was left open in a rainstorm was a proponent this year of legislation to raise the threshold of damage requiring a flood-damaged vehicle to receive a… Read More

CLAIMS HANDLING NEWS: Insurer updates shop locator; will soon test parts system

The shop locator system that State Farm policyholders, agents or claims personnel use to locate a Select Service shop will soon rank those shops based on their current performance score from the insurer. State Farm’s George Avery said that once… Read More

GOVERNMENT: Wrap-up of state legislative and regulatory news

California Gov. Edmund Brown has signed into law a new requirement (AB 1215) that dealers must label salvaged vehicles with a red warning sticker after obtaining vehicle histories through the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) for every vehicle… Read More

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Lack of rental coverage hurts customer retention

Would insurers be better off including full coverage for a comparable rental vehicle for the duration of a repair as a standard part of auto insurance policies? Some analyzing the findings of J.D. Power and Associates’ customer satisfaction surveys think… Read More

TRENDS: One state’s look at effectiveness of teen driving laws

The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles has issued a report on the effectiveness of that state’s more restrictive teen driving laws, showing a 28 percent decline from 2007 to 2009 in crashes in which a 16- or 17-year-old driver was… Read More


“We are pleased to be able to provide consumers with insights from one of the most important sources in the insurance marketplace: their fellow consumers.” – Cesar Diaz, founder of a new website that allows consumers to compare the consumer… Read More

GOVERNMENT: Alaska clarifies standards for total loss settlements

The Alaska Division of Insurance has issued a bulletin (a follow-up to one on the same topic in 2010) outlining an insurer’s obligations in valuing vehicles in a total loss claims. The bulletin states, for example, that settlement offers must… Read More

INSURANCE INDUSTRY TRENDS: Frequency rising but claims counts still down

Frequency rising but claims counts still down. The Insurance Service Office reports that the frequency of auto insurance claims rose for the third consecutive quarter in the first three months of this year. Claims frequency is up 1.3 percent since… Read More

CLAIMS HANDLING NEWS: Insurer hopes to improve non-DRP processes

Ameriprise, which sells policies in 44 states and is the 35th-largest personal auto insurer in the U.S., has launched a new “Shop of Choice” program to allow collision repair shops outside its direct repair program to upload estimates and photos… Read More