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MANAGEMENT: How to avoid a ‘bad attitude’ from spreading

Someone who is disgruntled or angry – whether a customer, an employee, a co-worker or a supplier – can easily inflict others with their attitude. Rosabeth Moss Kanter of the Harvard Business School offers these tips to help prevent that… Read More

MANAGEMENT: Using differences as a strength

Whether you’re managing other workers or just communicating with customers, one key is recognizing and accepting that people view and respond to the same situation, the same challenges, very differently. Over time, you can start to gauge which category of… Read More

MANAGEMENT: Checking (or giving) employment references

For many business owners, fear of lawsuits keeps them from telling other employers much when they are called about a former employee. Yet these same business owners are anxious to have as much information as possible about potential employees when… Read More

MANAGEMENT: Avoiding credit card fraud

Regulators and law enforcement agencies believe the still-sputtering economy is to blame for a rise in credit card fraud. Jackie Hart, a risk manager with Total System Services, Inc. (TSYS), a large credit card processing company, offers these tips to… Read More

MANAGEMENT: How exit interviews can help your business

It’s never pleasant having an employee quit, but human resource experts say far too many employers – particularly at smaller businesses – miss a key opportunity that such departures offer. “An exit interview with a departing employee is your opportunity… Read More

MANAGEMENT: Need to negotiate? Remember these tips…

Rarely will a week go by without your negotiating skills being put to the test – whether by a vendor, a customer or an employee. Here are some quick tips to improve your negotiating: – Always think long-term. Negotiations, if… Read More

MANAGEMENT: Low-cost marketing ideas

Want to attract a little more attention for your business without spending a fortune? Here are few low-cost but potentially high-impact marketing ideas shop owners are trying. Dinner on the shop. One shop owner is trying to spend a bigger… Read More

MANAGEMENT: 12 Principles for Addressing Customer Complaints

MANAGEMENT: 12 principles for addressing customer complaints 1. Apologize. Let them know that you’re sorry they’re unhappy. 2. Remain positive. Don’t argue with them or sound defensive. 3. Empathize with them. Let them know you understand how they feel. This… Read More

MANAGEMENT: Effective Performance Reviews

Regularly providing employees with feedback through performance reviews can be an effective way to motivate workers and help them improve. Here are some tips for making those reviews effective: • Performance reviews are discussions about how someone is doing, not… Read More