CLAIMS HANDLING NEWS: Allstate expands guarantee, State Farm changes shop locator

by | Jan 13, 2012 | Claims Department News

The “claims satisfaction guarantee” Allstate piloted in four states last year is now being rolled out to 31 states (with more to follow this year). Policyholders who report their grievances in writing within six months of the accident will be issued a credit “equal to one premium payment” for the vehicle involved in the claim.
Meanwhile, the changes that State Farm said were coming to the shop locator system that policyholders, agents or claims personnel use to locate a Select Service shop have been made. Rather than locating shops based solely on proximity, the system now ranks shops based on their current performance score from the insurer (The shop scores, updated monthly and established using a proprietary formula that takes into account the key performance indicators State Farm uses to track each shop’s performance, are not shown).
Only three shops appear on first page of search results; users can click through to subsequent pages (each of which lists five shops) to see additional shops.