INDUSTRY VIDEOS: Need to recalibrate electronic stability control

by | Jun 9, 2011 | Body Shop News

Industry trainer Toby Chess is alerting shops to the need to recalibrate the steering angle sensor that is part of the electronic stability control system on an increasing number of new vehicles.
Such systems are standard equipment on 85 percent of 2010 new vehicles, and will be required on all new vehicles as of model year 2012.
The recalibration is an additional procedure that must be done after the vehicle alignment. Chess said he’s concerned because even though no “trouble light” will be lit on the dash and the vehicle may handle properly under normal driving conditions even if the system is not calibrated, the electronic stability control function may not work properly in a subsequent “emergency maneuver.”
Below is two videos that point to the importance of ensuring the electronic stability control system is functioning propery by demonstrating the difference it makes in a vehicle traveling at 50 mph, first with the system turned on, then with it turned off.
System Turned On
System Turned Off
This is a six-minute video produced by Hunter Engineering Company explaining the need for and steps involved with the reclaibration process. The New Last Step in Alignment