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by | Apr 2, 2012 | Latest Links, Management, News

Let your smart phone track your business mileage for you. The “BizXpenseTracker” app, available for $5.99 for the iPhone and iPad, logs the starting and stopping points for your trip using the device’s GPS, and calculates the mileage. For each trip, you can create dated expense report, which can be exported or emailed (as PDF files or Excel-ready data). Another app, Milebug, offers a similar service (and is only $2.99) and works on iPhones as well as Android and Windows 7 phones; it also lets you set up coordinates for regular trips to automatically record the correct mileage.
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If you missed it a couple years ago, it’s worth a look at the results when the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety marked its 50th anniversary in 2009 by crash testing a 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air with a 2009 Chevrolet Malibu.
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Wired magazine in February featured a fascinating look at the “autonomous car,” one that essentially drives itself. It’s not as far off as you might expect. Check it out.
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