SHOP IDEA: Involving customers in the estimating process

by | Jul 27, 2011 | Uncategorized

Jason and Allison Bass of South County Collision Center in Morgan Hill, Calif., say a unique estimating arrangement helps them sell the job.

“We have a large monitor on the wall right behind where Allison sits to write the estimate, and the customer can watch that as she does the estimate and she can explain all of it,” Jason said. “Some people have a suspicious attitude about body shops. This helps show them it’s straight-forward.”

“People just love to watch the process and see the graphics showing the break-down of their car,” Allison said.

At PARS, customers feel the same way about paintless dent removal estimating techniques.

Although PARS does not utilize the wall monitor, Catastrophe Response Managers such as Joseph Frasca work to ensure customers understand the assessment of their vehicle.

“Once we finish the appraisal of the vehicle, we explain the severity of the damage to the customer,” Frasca said.

“It is valuable for customers to be educated on the repair process so they understand the amount of time and work involved.”