STAYING HEALTHY: Living better when away from home

by | May 15, 2012 | Staying Healthy, Technicians-TechTalk

A lack of sleep is the quickest way to end up feeling run-down when away from home. Here are some quick tips for sleeping better when on the road.

  • Mimic how you sleep at home. Consider traveling with your own pillow. Wear whatever you tend to sleep in at home. Follow the same pre-bedtime routine in terms of brushing your teeth, reading, TV or music, etc.
  • Eat appropriately. You don’t want hunger – or the food you just ate – keeping you
    awake. Dried fruit or nuts can make a good late-night snack if you need one, but avoid a heavy meal just before bed.
  • Turn the clock around. When you’re having trouble sleeping, one of the worst things you can do is making yourself very aware of how much restless time is passing. If you have multiple alarms set so you won’t oversleep, move the clock so you can’t see it.