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CUSTOMER SERVICE: Lack of rental coverage hurts customer retention

Would insurers be better off including full coverage for a comparable rental vehicle for the duration of a repair as a standard part of auto insurance policies? Some analyzing the findings of J.D. Power and Associates’ customer satisfaction surveys think so. Rental coverage affects customers’ perspective of the entire claim, but it’s not something many […]

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: Allstate hopes to improve cycle time, customer satisfaction

Allstate has notified its direct repair shops in recent weeks that participation in the program now requires three specific mandates designed to improve cycle time and give Allstate customers “priority service.” “Good Hands” shops now must: • upload an estimate to Allstate within 24 hours of receipt of the vehicle; • provide the customer with […]

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: Survey suggests ways to improve customer satisfaction

Jeremy Bowler, senior director of J.D. Power and Associates’ insurance practice, said his company’s latest survey of more than 11,500 people who’d had an auto claim in the previous 12 months indicates a number of things auto insurers could do to improve their customer satisfaction and retention. They include: – Simplify the process. Get the […]

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