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INSURANCE INDUSTRY TRENDS: Ad Spending Rebounded Last Year

Auto insurance advertising soared 22.6 percent to a record-high $5 billion last year, reversing a 4.2 percent decline in 2009, according to analysis by Dowling and Partners Securities. Prior to 2009, the industry had increased advertising spending for seven straight years. In the past decade, insurance industry advertising – the vast majority of which focuses […]

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“I’ve been an advocate over the past several years for online training within the organizations that I’ve been part. I see that being a demand here at I-CAR in terms of how we deliver training to our customers as well. I think it opens a lot of doors for training where the downtime and expense […]

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Trying to get an idea of where your shop might stand in terms of cycle time? Stats obtained from one multi-state shop chain showed an average cycle time of 8.1 days, keys-to-keys. Overall, the shops averaged 2.64 labor hours per-day per-job (“touch time”). But clearly even within that chain, cycle time performance varied. The top […]

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