TRAINING: I-CAR sees growth, shares efforts it has under way

by | Feb 8, 2012 | News

I-CAR CEO John Van Alstyne said I-CAR taught 135,829 “student units” last year (a student unit is equivalent to one student taking one class), 18 percent more than I-CAR had forecast in its budget projections; it sold $1.64 million in online training, almost 3.5 times what it had projected.
Van Alstyne said there will be no change in the cost for its live training courses this year, making it 27 months since there was an increase; pricing for its online classes has been lowered to make it comparable (on an hourly basis) to the fee for live training.
Among other changes for 2012: Advance registration and payment for classes is now required.
Van Alstyne said I-CAR hopes this year to demonstrate the role that its training plays in helping shops not just provide “complete and safe repairs” but also improve in terms of key performance indicators (KPIs).
And he said I-CAR is doing some baseline research in preparation for stepped-up consumer outreach in 2013.
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