TRAINING: I-CAR training helping PDR techs and building PARS' image

by | Jan 25, 2012 | Company News

Auto insurance companies and collision repair shops have long recognized the importance and value of ongoing training through I-CAR. Allstate Insurance, for example, has required its adjusting staff to maintain the Gold Class Professionals designation, earned by having a high percentage of staff receiving ongoing training, and Erie Insurance just this month announced it has earned the designation as well. Many insurers look for evidence of I-CAR training in the vendors they choose to do business with. Many of the most successful multi-location collision repair shops, such as Caliber Collision Centers and ABRA Auto Body have achieved I-CAR Gold Class status.
That’s why PARS has teamed up with I-CAR to bring state-of-the-art training for PARS’ PDR technicians. These classes are designed to give you the specific information you need to understand the complex and quickly-changing vehicle structures, materials and technologies in order to ensure you can safely and efficiently perform your PDR work.
“We’re determined to show insurers and our customers that no one in the industry is better trained and able to handle the type of work we do than a PARS technician,” PARS CEO Rick Kierstead said. “I-CAR is offering brief but information-packed educational segments that will help you do your job even more efficiently, and will continue to roll out new training to help us help you. One of the things we’ll be talking about at our PDR TechConnect event in mid-February is how this training will not only help you with your work, but help us attract business from those who want to work with the best of the