UPCOMING EVENT: PDR TechConnect offers opportunity to learn, network

by | Jan 31, 2012 | News

We’re just weeks away from the inaugural PDR TechConnect Conference, your chance to get information, ideas and connections to succeed as a PDR technician.
The event will offer the latest PDR tips and techniques as well as a chance to network with your peers and find out what’s happening in this fast-changing industry. We’ll have presentations on industry and economic trends and what they mean for you, and this is your chance to ask questions and find out what is being done to help improve the industry and attract new customers.
Topics also include aluminum and new steels, dent puller limitations, proper supplement procedures, understanding the national PDR matrix, access issues and more.
The event takes place February 12-13 at the Sheraton Hotel in Arlington, Texas. Click here for more information (including special deals on room rates) and to register for this important, one-of-a-kind event.