Experience. The PARS Partnership Advantage

A Great Opportunity for a Profitable Relationship

Since 1990, PARS Paintless Dent Removal has repaired more than 250,000 hail damaged vehicles. Our successful partnerships with auto body shops have made it all possible. We know that our success is built upon your success, so we strive to drive customers and revenue to our partner shops. A partnership with PARS will bolster your own workforce, and help you build and maintain a reputation for quality and service.

Here are a few of the ways we can add value to your operation and improve your bottom line:

  • Repair Assignment Programs: We can use our national insurance agreements to bring repair assignments to your body shop.
  • Claims Programs: Our ability to directly handle insurance claims brings you added value and can help you close business at your body shop.
  • Work Flow Coordination: Our on-site Technician Coordinators work to customize work flows and maximize body shop efficiency, so that PDR complements the shop’s conventional repair capabilities.

What PARS Offers Body Shop Partners

In addition to a 20-year history and reputation for excellence, PARS has resources that that allow us to deliver and efficiently handle large volumes of repairs when a hail catastrophe has hit your community:

  • PARS has a nationwide network of PDR Technicians that are certified annually to handle widespread hail storm damage to vehicles.
  • We have relationships with insurance carriers and agents who refer customers to us. We understand and comply with the insurance industry’s standards, regulations and practices.
  • We have a centralized call center and administrative team to support our business.
  • Customers get consistent, quality paintless dent removal services with a Lifetime Warranty.

All of these factors contribute to our professional image and reputation for integrity. When you partner with PARS, your business benefits from our strength, resources, and reputation for excellence.

Contact us to discuss how we can work together.

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