Hail Dent Removal Specialists Endorsed by Major Insurance Companies

Paintless dent removal by professional PDR technicians is the preferred method of removing hail dents. PARS is the preferred provider for several major auto insurance companies.

A PDR Industry Leader Since 1998

PARS has a long history of quality paintless dent removal. As an industry leader, PARS has perfected its processes for paintless dent removal techniques, hiring and training quality PDR technicians, and offering our customers the ultimate service and convenience in paintless dent removal. Our goal is to deliver not only quality restoration of your vehicle, but a hail dent removalexperience that minimizes customer inconvenience. We call it the PARS 360 Total Confidence Package. We make insurance claims easy, provide rental cars, and any needed glass replacement or traditional body work, all with one drop-off point.


Insurance companies rely on PARS because we can perform-even when a large storm has resulted in thousands of hail dented cars. hail dented cars. The PARS organization is large enough to move highly trained, qualified technicians into a hail-ravaged area to provide better and faster service for customers.


And So Does Your Insurance Company

PARS paintless dent removal comes with the company’s written lifetime, anywhere warranty. This warranty covers our paintless dent removal, and any work done under the supervision of PARS, including glass replacement or traditional body work. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the way your car looks when you leave our shop – and that the work will continue to satisfy you in the days and weeks ahead. If not, we’ll fix it!