INDUSTRY VIDEO: Getting involved with the NABC

by | Jul 27, 2011 | Body Shop News

INDUSTRY VIDEO: Getting involved with the NABC
Looking for a way to generate positive publicity for your own business and the industry? The National Auto Body Council (NABC) brings together shops, insurers and suppliers around the country to give back to their communities in important and visible ways.
The NABC’s First Responder Emergency Extrication (FREE) program, for example, helps bring technical information and extrication practice opportunities on late model vehicles to local firefighters and other first responders across the country.
And each year, a growing number of shops, insurers and vendors repair and donate vehicles for families and non-profit groups in need through NABC’s “Recycled Rides” program.
To find out more about how you can get involved to help your community and generate positive publicity for your business and the industry, check the NABC website ( or watch this 5-minute video. National Auto Body Council Community Service Projects
At PARS, we work on a national and local level to give back to our community. Like the NABC, we understand the importance of being involved and helping those in need. Check out our “Helping our Community” page under “The PARS Advantage” on the left navigation bar to find out more.