Lakeland, Florida Auto Hail Repair

by | Aug 28, 2020 | Body Shop News

Hailstorms are a menace more so to car owners. Unfortunately, we cannot change the weather; hence the only solution is to avoid driving during hailstorms or have the phone number of a good auto hail repair company such as PARS Certified in your contacts just in case. However, hail repair is quick and easy with PARS Certified as we have years of experience in car restoration after suffering auto damage. We know how terrible a car hit by a hailstorm looks like, and that is why we have all that is required to do exemplary work on your vehicle. As the leading auto hail repair company in Lakeland, Florida, we take our job as calling and put your interests, concerns, and needs as our driving force. We partake this act of service with great zeal and assiduousness to deliver to and beyond your expectations.


Why Repair With Us?

There are many auto hail repair companies in Lakeland, Florida, but none is like PARS Certified. Here are the reasons why you should make us your auto hail repair company of choice.


Quality Services

Your car is your luxury and source of great convenience, and we keep this in mind whenever called upon to do any repair job. We have a rigorous recruitment process for all our employees to ensure that only the top cream in the industry works on your gem.


Cutting-edge Technology

At PARS Certified, we have fully embraced technology, which is why we have invested in state-of-the-art auto hail damage tools and equipment. We guarantee full restoration of your car to pristine condition with the best hands-on deck and the right technology for the job.



We have a team of vetted and certified experts in  Lakeland, Florida, available any time to take any repair work.

Having been in the industry for a while now, we have everything that it takes to offer you value for your time and money. Visit or call us today and enjoy a blend of pure assiduity and flexibility. Lakeland, Florida auto hail repair